Region 2 Lower Red-Sulphur-Cypress Regional Flood Planning Group

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Each planning group provides region-specific information such as the regional water plan, data projections, and planning group contact information.

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Notice to Public

The Region 2 Lower Red-Sulphur-Cypress Regional Flood is soliciting nominations to fill one (1) voting positions on the Region 2 Lower Red-Sulphur-Cypress RFPG.

View the Official Notice and Nomination Form Here

Technical Memorandum

Please find the attached draft of Technical Memo 1 and data tables for your review and consideration at the December 9, 2022, Regional 2 Flood Planning Group (RFPG) meeting.

Technical Memo Cover Letter
Draft of Technical Memo 1 in MS Word format
Draft of the Technical Memo data tables
Draft of the Technical Memo with tables in Adobe Acrobat PDF
TWDB table of deliverables

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